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Subsidiary ICT for Uganda by Rogers Mukalele

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Teaching /Learning Strategies
These provide the teacher with guidance on the proposed activities and strategies that can be used in the teaching. The following are the suggested teaching /learning strategies;
1. Hands on activities (Practical Sessions): The learners work in pairs or individually to develop skills or put into practice the acquired knowledge. You will need to carefully plan a range of activities that clearly identify the purpose of the practical session. Where learners work in groups, every learner should have an opportunity to take part in the hands-on activity.
2. Teacher guided research: An instructional technique where you give students areas of research and as a result, the learner finds out more information in the given areas.
3. Group discussion and peer presentation: A technique where the students are divided into small manageable groups to share knowledge/ findings. Each group should be given an opportunity to present their findings to the rest of the class under your guidance.
4. Brainstorming: A technique used to gather ideas about a topic or learning area spontaneously contributed by the learners.
5. Device identification: An approach that requires the learner to identify and distinguish between devices.


A complete Alevel ICT syllabus  Guide Textbook


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