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Computer Practical Application Lab Activities for Uganda by Rogers Mukalele

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This book consists of lots of activities in form of UNEB practical examination-type questions arranged systematically for every practical topic on the O level syllabus, plus 22 complete sets A level practical examinations.
Following UNEB’s circular concerning the use of support files in subsidiary ICT practical examinations starting 2016 onwards, a new section has been added with guidance on support files usage and Extra Support-Files Format Lab Activities. However teachers are advised to teach their students the practical skills traditionally, so that the students can acquire the typing speed and all core skills. The support files approach can be introduced to the learners after they grasp the basic skills or it can be incorporated into the training from the early stages.
Teachers will find this book very helpful, especially those with big classes in terms of dividing theory and practical lesson time appropriately. This book is very useful to students doing Computer Studies and Subsidiary ICT and Information technology in Higher Institutions of Learning.
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