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Computer Studies For Uganda By rogers mukalele

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There has been a demand for a correspondence course and resource that makes students participate, and understand the intention of learning computer studies.
All practitioners of ICT and our students need to ask one another, what will Information Technology and ICTs help them and our country Uganda in the future?
As we all know, it is becoming almost impossible to work in the administrative and business, to Education, Research, and Communication sectors without a great skill in Computer systems.
ICT is becoming more and more pivotal than before in whatever aspect of thing we do per second of our time. Offices are becoming paperless, you no longer need to line up at a bank queue, a teacher does not need to be present for a lesson delivery, and we have started to live in cashless societies where one needs better mobile equipment. This therefore means that Information Technology has started and will continue to steer every facet in our day to day lives in the third world countries as it is in first world.
In this book, we have arranged all content in an easy to read mode to enable students read ahead, there are a number of activity based exercises, Multiple Choice Questions, essay questions, and practical exercises to enable our students be possessed with enough activity to do.
Teachers will find this book very helpful, especially those with big classes in terms of dividing theory and practical lesson time appropriately. This book is designed for students doing Computer Studies at O’ level, but it is also useful to students doing Subsidiary ICT at Advanced Level and Computer Literacy at Higher Institutions of Learning.
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